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    Hello I am a new Pre Plus owner. My last pda was a Treo 650. The feature that I used most on that was the calendar with alarms set at various times, days and months. Is there that feature on the Pre? Is there an app. that works like my beloved Treo's calendar?
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    Well Classic lets you run palm os apps but I'm not sure if the calendar is one of the programs you can run on it but you can find it here Classic - MotionApps
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    each event can have an alarm on it. You can either dismiss or snooze the alarm.

    not sure if you can detup multiple alarms for 1 event if that's what you are asking. Might need to setup different events.
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    On the Treo an alarm could be set at any time within 5 minutes. I only seem to be able to set the pre at 1 hour increments.
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    If you're needing regular alarms set, Timepiece is best for Calendar, you'll have more options setting stuff like that desktop site of Google Calendar
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    Mike, I dropped the Outlook calendar and instead not use Google Calendar. It syncs perfectly with the Pre. FOr events created on GC, you can sent any number of reminder types and times.
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