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    I've looked all around the forum for an answer to my problem and I haven't found one specifically addressing what's going on with mine.

    I just got my phone about 2 weeks ago and everything's been fine with it, for the most part. I've been stuck in the 'headset' mode yall have talked about a couple times but I've been able to get out of it quickly just by resetting my phone or plugging in my headset headphones...but the past few days when someone has tried to call me or vice-versa I can hear them just fine and the sensor that says it's near my cheek has worked however they cannot hear me. When I plug in my headset headphones they can hear me but when I try and talk without it or on speakerphone there is nothing. I took a video just to see if the microphone was broken but it worked.

    If anyone knows what's wrong or can direct me to a thread specifically addressing this I would appreciate it!
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    saw a thread on this try a search or take the phone back.. Sorry if I'm not much help
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    you could try this.....
    but if you want my honest opinion, i would take the phone back. especially if you have only had it a "couple weeks" like you say. They will give you a replacement for sure.
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    I hate when people say YALL
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    I'd take the phone back. I got my wife's Pixi exchanged for the very same problem.
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    seems weird to post that you have a problem with someones accent? Yall sounds fine to me. I would take the phone back if it keeps giving you problems but I know people have been able to fix similar problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    I hate when people say YALL
    Language is Open Source
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    haha thanks YALL

    I ended up just going to the Verizon store to get a new one...they said they haven't seen just the microphone stop working but they replaced it no problem.

    thanks again

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