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    Just in case anyone is thinking of getting the Touchstone plus Backcover for the pre, I bought both today from my local O2 shop in London.

    They knocked 10.00 from the backcover bringing it down to 4.99, seems they are doing a discount.
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    Would be good if the touchstone was 4.99, have 1 already and would like a second one.
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    They have always knocked 10 off when you buy both the touchstone and the back cover together. Did the week of launch and also did mid December when my girlfriend bought me me a second touchstone for work and new back cover as I dropped my Pre and scratched my first.
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    I'm waiting for the bundle to drop below that being cheap? lol
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    Well thank god my second touchstone and cover for 25 !!!!
    O2 annoyed me with their stupid conversion prices of $1 = 1 !!!!
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    25? that's a good deal! I've not been able to find anything that low on ebay..

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