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    Hey guys, first thread here after a long time. I've been having a strange problem with my Palm Pre. As we know battery is a bit of an issue with the phone but I've gotten used to it by bringing a USB cable always with me and putting it on airplane mode when in a low signal area. Problem is, lately, whenever the battery drops to the 20-10% range it will suddenly jump to 0% Low Battery and shut down in a few minutes.

    Dead battery or some other hardware related problem? Sprint can change it right? The Power Button is also stuck and I have to press it hard for it to work. I've had the phone for about 4-5 months now. Any tips or suggestions or just go to Sprint and have the phone changed? Thanks a bunch fellas =)
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    basically...get a new battery.
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    i have the same problem. (battery going to 0 from 10-20)
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    I had the problem but mine used to go from 25-30% to 0% and die a few mins later. Recently though (and I couldn't tell you what changed) my phone has been going all the way down to 0% on it's on with not missing a big chunk out.
    You would think that was a good thing, but it's not, instead it drains the % faster, so I still get the same charge time, the actually % just says it drains quicker. Go figure.
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    yup new battery is needed.
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    I think this is a problem with the battery not being cycled properly. It was fixed when I bought Mugen's 1400 battery. But that really entailed getting a new battery too. It was like an upgrade though haha!

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