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    I have an acquaintance who is not a techie, and I want to recommend a few things to him. Please refresh my memory... does he need a rooted pre for

    1) Preware

    2) The temperature patches

    3) The new CPU Scaling app? (via WebOS Quick Install)?

    Also, does he need to install the 800Mhz IPK file in order to run at 800Mhz with the CPU scaling app, or does he just need the scaling app itself?

    I have a feeling I may need to install these things for him.

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    For Preware, you just need to be in Developer Mode. You can do a google search for Preware to get all the installation details. I haven't installed the overclock stuff, and I don't recommend it for newbies, either.
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    1) dev mode, quick install is easiest
    2) get from preware feed
    3) need a custom kernel for cpuscaling to work. Could download superprekernel from preware. You will need to find the custom feed on the app thread in the forum though. If you do it via preware it will download the necessary services for you
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    You do need the 800 IPK to have the CPUscaling to work. Or like pip smith said. you can download superprekernel from preware.

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