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    Hi everyone,

    I just picked up a Palm Pre off of Craigslist the other day for sprint(cdma) and i go to the store to activate it and the rep says that it has a bad esn, now i know what that means typically, and i talked to the girl who sold me it about it and she said that she had canceled her account. She was a Best Buy employee and that was her business phone, and she could not call customer support to cancel it but talk to her manager/representative to cancel it. Question is how long does it take for an account to delete itself/cancel?

    Thank You
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    When I sold my Touch Pro, the ESN became clean once I activated my Pre. As far as I understand, the only reason an ESN is bad is because it's been reported stolen, lost, or destroyed.
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    forgive me for sounding rude but, why the heck did you buy a phone w/out checking the ESN first? It literally only takes seconds to call them on the phone and ask them if the ESN is bad.

    your best bet is to call sprint support and explain the situation and see what they do. If worse comes to worse get your money back. If she wont do that then last things last, sell it to be flashed to Metro PCS or something else... on craiglist here they got for aroun 150 from people who have flashed them to metro PCS

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    i had went into the sprint store to check the esn, but the esn was not bad because it was stolen or lost or anything, it was still activated under her name. But when i talked to her she said that she had already called into to her store (bestbuy) to get it deactivated, when i asked the store rep how long it would take she said it could take up to a full month aka the next billing period.

    I guess i needed to rephrase my question, the esn was activated under her name still, and i wanted to figure out how long it would take to deactivate under her name so i can put the Pre on my number?
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    It should be a fairly instant process. The store rep said it could take up to a month, so that sounds like your best answer. I'm not sure how they handle things like this.
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    alright, i guess i can just do that, if someone wanted to flash it over to metro, the esn would not matter correct?

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