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    i try to sign into my facebook app and get this message

    "SERVICE ERROR-An error occurred requesting service palm://com.palm.facebook. Error Message:Service Method Exceptioon: java.lang.NullPointerException"

    any ideas of what ^that^ means??
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    Same thing here. Sooooooooo......anybody have anything at all in response to this. I don't wanna wipe my phone fully or partially to make it work. Someone please help or provide a link or something please please please!!
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    Anybody? Anything?
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    I don't have enough room to get Facebook anymore. It says I need to uninstall some things to make room.
    same with any other app I try to get from the store.

    this is F'd up.
    I doctored first then updated to 1.whatever on Verizon and my palm needs a diaper now.
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    Just for a minute, let's all do the BUMP

    Yeah, U can't touch this
    Look man, U can't touch this


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