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    Does anyone know if there is a video which shows a step by step process on installing meta-doctor to the pre? I know that their are some instructions on this site but i seem to get lost after a certain point. Anything even with pictures will do, i need to bypass the profile screen and this is the only way i can do it i believe. Thanks.
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    Were you able to bypass carrier activation? I have the same problem but dont quite understand what is being advised to do. If you were successful can you direct me where you receive your help. thx
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    have you tried this thread? it seems pretty easy though i have not tried?
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    No i've had no success, the process seems complex to me...
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    I started reading it, downloaded the files but as i kept reading i lost myself. Take this step for example. "4. Install the Ubuntu 9.10 .iso on a virtual disk inside VirtualBox." Not sure what this means. Towards the middle of the process is most of it copy and paste?
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    okay so how do you "Install the Ubuntu 9.10 .iso on a virtual disk inside VirtualBox"? I dont see an option for this.
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    What is the adventage of Meta-Doctored (bypassed activation) Palm Pre? Is it able to access full (free+paid) app catalog or only free apps or what...?
    Palm Prē + Touchstone + iGrip PerfektFit...
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    Yes, I would like to know answer to this too.
    My Pre shows no apps in App Catalog, and its activated with Tele2 Croatia SIM, passed through First time use app and created Palm profile...
    Backup app is working for me, just App Catalog shows no apps?

    Can i update it to 1.4.1 with official WebOSDoctor ? Now I'm on 1.4.0 and Update app shows there's no update for my Pre.
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    Wait a minute!
    I just don't want to believe in that... it must be some way like "doctoring" or some bypass/hack.
    Please tell me I'm right
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    tomi666, I just made payment for a Palm Pre from the UK and it has not been activated. If the seller is willing to activate and thus creating a Palm Profile would he then have to erase/reset before he send to me and then I have to create a Palm Profile when I receive it?
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    A way around this disgracefull Palm politics is use of ipk Fetcher to download free apps from App Catalog.
    People are very inventive and always find some "shortcuts" or holes to pass through
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    To point others like me & to make Palm ashame of their politics.
    Do You really think Palm is not aware of that app? I'm too concerned, but I seriously don't think my post is gonna do any harm

    P.S. Moderators - delete my posts if You wish so
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    Hi Guys, i have got a Pixi Plus in Singapore. Appcat is empty. I need it to get to Chapura Echo to sync with my Desktop. Is IPK Fetcher 2 still working? Any other ways? Please advise.

    Many Thanks!
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    I can't seem to get past the "sudo -s" command to pre pare for metadoctor. I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed and the terminal in my virtual box won't let me type anything when prompted for a password. any help would be appreciated.

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