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    I've been having many problems with my palm pre, first one is that when I open the dialer, go to preferences, it does not allow me to change from 2g to 3g anymore.

    Also, preware does not load.

    Also, sites that require me to log in, like facebook or hotmail, do not load.

    Its gotten to the point i want to reset the pre. But a few questions before i do that,

    How do i save ALL my sms messages?

    and do i have to re-purchase applications i have already brought from the palm catalogue again or are they going to be for free now?

    Please help.
    thank you.
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    Ok first off, all your apps will be redownloaded after you sign back into your palm profile. If any are big 3d games i highly suggest downloading them over wifi.
    Second in order to save your texts you need to download the program save/restore its in preware.
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    is there any other way off getting the save/restore application. As i have mentioned before, my Preware application does not load, i get the wheel off death, i even tried reinstalling the application but still no hope.
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    wosqi works for save/restore I think, check though.
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    have you disabled cookies in the browser settings?
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    yes that was disabled as default. and i think todays my lucky day i just went to the homebrew app list on this site and the first one on the list is called ''Pre backup utitlity'' Lets hope this works!

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