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    How can I possibly post my error logs here?
    A bunch of apps simply won't install. I tried the option to mail myself the error logs from the pre. My palm pretends to send the mail, but I never get it in my inbox. No there is nothing wrong with my email, and I checked my spam box.

    Does the email log feature incomplete, or is it just my palm?

    How can I get my error logs without typing it myself verbatim - that just sounds exhausting.
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    *bump* this is a pretty serious issue
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    You are using Phone to dial ##LOGS#, creating a log, and choosing email and that's what appears to be working but you never get the email? Working for me.

    If you can get onto your phone with ssh or novacom or Terminus you can poke around in /var/log and try to find the log file(s) in which you are interested.
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    Open the log in an email and just copy and paste instead of sending the email. And then save to drafts.

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