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    I just saw this and thought I'd share. It looks pretty fun.

    It's nice to see another game developer on-board using the PDK.

    The Game is called Smiles.
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    looks cool.
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    I want!
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    Honestly, looks to me like pretty much every other Bejeweled clone I've seen in the past 10 years.

    Sure, more games on the Pre is nice, but I'll be passing on this one myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Honestly, looks to me like pretty much every other Bejeweled clone I've seen in the past 10 years.

    Sure, more games on the Pre is nice, but I'll be passing on this one myself.
    Until we see Bejeweled I'll welcome a clone.
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    What a difference the PDK makes, if Palm would have just had that thing ready when the Pre was released, with tons of good apps to follow, along with good promotion, good hardware,
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    This looks legit.
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    Looks like a fun game for the Pre. Yeah, it seems to have a Bejeweled kind of feel to it, but we've yet to see one that captures the true feeling of playing Bejeweled. I'm stoked!
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    Good Find! Hopefully we see some new games/apps using the PDK...looks promising
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    cool find..looks real promising..
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    Looks really good - high quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gobanjoboy View Post
    Until we see Bejeweled I'll welcome a clone.
    We have pre-jeweled in the home brew catalog and its just as fun If this game come out, I'm sure i can get it quick
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    Yep, Smiles is coming soon to the Pre. I submitted it this evening, so I'm hoping it shows up in the store early next week.

    My post count isn't high enough to post links properly, but here's a couple videos that demonstrate more of what Smiles is about.

    EDIT: and now it is... links fixed.


    Smiles contains 2 distinctly different games based on the same play mechanic (Drop and Zen). On the surface it looks a bit like Bejeweled, but it plays very different. The controls were designed specifically for touch screens. A traditional mouse based matching game uses a click/touch and drag gesture to make swaps, where Smiles uses just a touch. A touch is much faster than a touch+drag, and once you get used to it, Drop plays like an arcade game. Keep touching matches to keep your combination going. The longer the combo, the more points it's worth. The Zen game mode is the opposite. Though it's a matching game, it plays like a Solitaire game. The best of both.

    Rather than repeating all the features, here's the blurb you'll be seeing in the store.

    SMILES, the award winning strategic puzzle and arcade matching-game is now available for webOS!

    SMILES reinvents the matching-game with an innovative gameplay mechanic, and rejuvenates the genre with TWO UNIQUE GAMES! It's designed for players of all skill levels, with interesting new play styles to discover and grow in to. SMILES also doesn't pressure you in to making a move! Play at your own pace.

    "SMILES DROP" does away with slow gesture-based controls, and introduces the "TOUCH SWAP"; An easier, faster, and better way to play on a touch screen. Make matches to score points, and DON'T WAIT! Touch your next match RIGHT AWAY, and chain together HUGE combos and high scores! Break rocks and ice by DROPPING them, and either turn your webOS device, or use the on screen buttons to SPIN the board.

    "SMILES ZEN" takes the "TOUCH SWAP" mechanic, and combines it with the best of patience games like Solitaire and Mahjong. The result is a game that's both thought provoking and engaging. Light up the board to win.

    SMILES features plenty of game modes, statistics, achievements, themes, and a full soundtrack!

    SMILES: The matching-game reinvented.

    - Two great games (SMILES DROP, and SMILES ZEN)
    - Uniquely designed for both novice and skilled players alike
    - 14 game modes including AVALANCHE, MATCH CHALLENGE, and DROP+
    - 3 themes including Adorable Vegetables, Cheerful Weather, and Colorful Blocks
    - High Scores and Statistics
    - Over 150 Achievements to unlock
    - Upbeat soundtrack with encouraging sound design, or listen to your own music while you play
    - Play in ANY orientation
    - Automatically saves your progress on exit
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    Hi, just checking that this will be an international release?

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    Nevermind just bought it in the UK
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    This is brilliant. Thanks so much for porting this game. Any more on the way?

    Edit: However, unable to purchase it - transaction failed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuk View Post
    Nevermind just bought it in the UK
    Damn! I'm not seeing it in the US catalog.

    Via Preware getting "not a WebOS application". I hope hits soon. Come on Palm!
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    I got that on the web initially then the Palm site worked so I sent a link via SMS and bought it.

    However I am now getting the same error as above.

    Excellent game btw thanks for releasing this on the Pre
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    For the record, this seems to have now been fixed - downloading now
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    yeah game is out now in us version of the catalog for $4.99 (under the group of yesterday releases)
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