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    I purchased music on my Palm Pre thru the Amazon MP3 app. I had to get a new phone 'cause of a software issue with my Palm Pre. I didn't back up my music. I thought the music that I bought from the Amazon App would appear once I logged into my Palm Profile. However, everything else transferred over except the music I bought from Amazon. Am I SOL? Is there any way to get the music that I purchased re-loaded onto my new Palm Pre phone?

    thanks in advance for your responses/advice.
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    go to amazon on your PC and redownload it?
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    Unfortunately they are gone forever.

    You might have a shot of talking to Amazon support for the chance to re-download them, but for the most part, even with PC mp3 purchases, you only get one shot to download the track and after that you have to buy it again.
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    Yeah, unless Amazon changed their policy within the last few months you're screwed. I was in the same boat not too long ago and was moping about the site for a half hour before I realized I couldn't redownload anything.
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    that sucks. I also had several downloads.
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    MP3 files, like jpg, mp4, and all other dowloaded files are on the USB partition of your Pre. Those files are NOT backed up to the Palm Cloud for obvious reasons: storage size.
    You need to backup your USB with a product like Microsoft SyncToy (FREE) to your PC. It's your responsibility.
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    that sucks. I'll be using Pandora until I recover from the loss
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    I did something similar back in February. I had to return my phone because it stopped working, anyway I emailed Amazon and told them that there was no way I could have recovered the data due to a manufacture's malfunction and they gave me no trouble what so ever, gave me a link to re-download them and just suggested to backup as soon as you download them. I hope they treat you with the same kindness.
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    the same thing happened to me last fall. I emailed Amazon explaining what happened, and they refunded the purchase price. No guarantees, but Amazon's customer service has been pretty good to me. It's worth a shot
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    It is a problem. Users are clearly confused over what is and isn't backed up to their Palm Profile. I'd take jaredsutter's advice and write them an email, your account will list the mp3s you've downloaded. I'm confident a polite email will result in a refund.
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    I just sent the e-mail to amazon. Wish me luck and thanks for the tip.
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    just an update: amazon gave me $75 credit for any any kind of purchases I make on amazon.
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    Great news man, glad you got it sorted
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkSFCA View Post
    just an update: amazon gave me $75 credit for any any kind of purchases I make on amazon.

    Did they have a record of what you downloaded? Or at least a count of how many you had downloaded in the past?

    As I am unaware which songs I downloaded from Amazon.. however after completely wiping my Pre I have no songs (my fault) and would like to recover the ones I paid for via Amazon.

    I will try to recover the ones I paid for via e-mail, but would like to know how you went about it. i.e. did you list the songs you wanted? just name your account? say it was $75 worth... etc.
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