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    If you've not seen this its pretty awesome. He has listed the Palm Pre/Pixi as a possible future phone but ppl have to put in there request

    Please Please Please go here and request it
    Request form (game-gripper)

    More about what the Game Gripper is
    Home (game-gripper)
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    i really dont need this but figured would vote for it for your excitement my friend
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    The only problem is I don't see Palm releasing access to any external hardware for a while longer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    The only problem is I don't see Palm releasing access to any external hardware for a while longer...

    Dude, it doesnt "plug into anything". It a plastic cover that snaps over the phones keyboard. The keys have "plungers" that actually press the key on the phones keyboard when pressed by someone..... What access is needed? Sliding the Pre open?
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    keyboard is a bit small for that attachment. plus it's portrait mode.
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    id like to see it with just a DPad... in the Emulators the A,B buttons arent as big a pain in the *** as the Dpad is
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    done and done...
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    Gotta say this is quite inventive, but the pre does have a portrait keyboard which is quite restrictive, looks like it will work well with phones with landscape keyboards though!

    Shame though, would be ideal for someone with hands like mine. I find whilst my thumbs are using the onscreen controls I tend to cover most of the screen, not good for gaming!
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    I remember seeing this on a Droid and thought it was pretty cool. It would definitely make playing Gameboy games on the Pre much more enjoyable
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    Hah! I had one of those 10 years ago. Here is what it was:
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    Haha sweet deal, I had chosen a black body with red buttons
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    this will be awesome for the GB emulator on the pre. the only playable gb game on the pre i would say is pokemon because there's no reflex moments in it (if u get what i mean lol) i wanna play zelda on it soooo bad! and hey did you guys see the vids on it? will we ever get to play snes games or GBA games for that matter at full speed with sound? i hope so
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    id have to say 4 paws and a tail up for awesome creativity and sleek design. dont have a need for it but i will tell others who do just because it is brilliant in its simplicity.
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    awesome, i want. i filled out the request form

    maybe Precentral can put this on the frontpage to REALLY help out.. dieter?
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    Done... From my Palm Pre.
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    requested black with orange or white buttons.
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    nice I will
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    [QUOTE=GarrettQ;2402241]requested black with orange or white buttons.[/QUOTE

    funny two garretts on the same post hmm.. wonder if they are the same person .. I kidd I kidd or do I ?
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