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    funny two garretts on the same post hmm.. wonder if they are the same person .. I kidd I kidd or do I ?
    I can assure you, we are two different people.......or maybe im a schizo........who knows. lol. damn sexay name he has though. lol.
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    Voted for the Pre as well. Also black body with red buttons, like someone else said above (too lazy to scroll up and get the name).

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    would be pretty cool
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    I only just discovered the Game Gripper. Awesome little project! We need this for Pre & Pixi so here is a little bump to this thread...
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    wow, great minds, I also asked for black with red buttons
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    lo-fi still rules
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    Did this a few days ago. A worthy cause indeed. Thought NESem has become much more playable recently with the introduction of assigning diagonal keys.
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