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    For recovering your files, first, get your old Pre on some connection (wifi only since it's deactivated). I assume you have Preware on both phones.

    1) Get this app on both phones:

    - Use it to transfer save files to the USB partition.

    2) Copy your entire USB partition of the old Pre to some folder on your hard drive.

    3) Log into your Palm Profile on the NEW phone and have it pull down everything it can.

    4) Go through and install the same patches and apps you have on your old phone (should only need to manually do this for Preware apps).

    5) On the New phone, through Save/Restore, set everything to be backed up on the USB partition.

    6) Copy the USB partition you have on your computer straight into the USB partition of your New Pre. (Two options here. Do a write over all [risky] or manually choose file by file for overwriting. I think the worse that can happen is you need to uninstall/reinstall certain apps.)

    7) Reset your new phone.

    8) Let me know how this untested method works for restoring your phone.

    It's a time consuming process and untested process, but in theory you will have nearly the same phone in the end.

    After seeing other peoples comments I'm changing my opinion to call the insurance company.
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    I know what I would do... The right thing... But that's me
    I think you're misunderstanding. The OP is looking to do the right thing, as far as I can tell. He would just like to get his files off his old Pre before he sends it back.
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    I can guarantee you the "right" thing to do is call the insurance company. You will not be the first person this happend to, nor the last!! they probably have a protocol just for these situations. They have techy people who can help you.
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    did you try orange+sym+U? with USB plugged in of course.
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