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    Is anyone using this program yet? I've downloaded and tried it and it's a pretty amazing collection of wallpapers. I have run into a bug though. It's now interfering with some patch apparently as it is no longer allowing me to download or set wallpaper themes.

    Has anyone tried? Any problems?

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    It tells me its downloaded the pics I have chosen but they are nowhere to be found.
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    I'm experiencing the same problems.
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    Hmmm ... glad it's not just me, but I wish the developer would address these issues.
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    Working now with the Developer via email to try to resolve this situation. I must say, they have been very prompt to respond to this situation and trying to fix it.
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    Finally - success! Here is what the developer suggested I try and it worked. I think there may be a problem with the app via Preware. Try this and see if you have success:

    Please erase the app, download it here (Directory Listing of /preDesigner/) and install it over WebOS Quick Install.
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    No problems, whatsoever.

    I like the program. It's nice. ;]

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