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    I have just reinstalled the program on my 64 bit Windows7 Comp, and now it isn't working. Menu items don't open any prompts (except the Help menu, which works fine). I can add items, but when I click install no prompt appears to confirm. Can't get into options panel or anything.

    I'm using the latest Java and wOSQI versions. Phone is connected and in dev made.
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    This can happen when a genuine webOSDoctor.jar is not found in the same directory as WebOS QuickInstall. Make sure that the WebOSQuickInstall.jar and webOSDoctor.jar are in the same folder.

    If you've confirmed that it is present then it may be corrupt - try redownloading it.

    Additionally you need to make sure that you've got the latest version of WebOS Quick Install (currently 3.12)

    You could also ensure that you have the latest version of Java.
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    Fantastic! I had downloaded the Doctor, but it was corrupt. Thanks for the tip.
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    You're welcome, glad to help

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