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    This is very funny becuase it popped up in the catalog right after Palm was asking for addition PDK apps, I thought to myself, yes! Finally, the PDK is working to port apps easily and quickly and developers are doing it.

    Oh, wait..... O-p-r-a-h, Damnit!!!!!!!!!

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Don't let Oprah Mobile fool you. It's great for when you're out and about and need to quickly look something up, but for just casual browsing it's severely lacking. It's fast because all of the site rendering is done remotely on Oprah's servers and then sent to your device in an optimized format.
    Yeah I knew that it is rendered server side, but still, it is very fast regardless of where it is rendered. I couldn't see myself using it regularly while browsing on my ipod just because text selection is so good on mobile safari, but text selection for webos works pretty much the same as on o-mobile, so I could see myself using it a bit more on webos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdod View Post
    Installing the Oprah app on your phone would automatically make it biased and *******. Just sayin.
    Cause and effect. Palm creates advertising targeting women (the only phone that can keep up with a busy mom, etc). Oprah finds out that it's "a women's phone" and has her "people" whip up an app to support a phone created for women.

    What else would you expect to happen?
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    I did your headlin was misleading
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    The sad thing is she just advertised in on her show, stating its for IPhone's, no mention of Pre.
    The sadder thing is its updates of her tv shows and tweets, and NOT free - paid app like she needs the money!!!!!!!
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    Coming soon to the app catalog "Glenn Beck Browser"
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    Quote Originally Posted by playboy View Post
    I could browse Oprah all day.
    You'd need all day to browse Oprah
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    I can definitely say without equivocation that I do not want to browse Oprah.
    I hate to say it lol, but I would browse her for half of her money!!!

    I wouldnt enjoy it though!
    Phones in Family pre> pre> pre> Centro> Rant
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    Quote Originally Posted by notaphonegeek View Post
    I hate to say it lol, but I would browse her for half of her money!!!

    I wouldnt enjoy it though!
    Steadman isn't getting any of her money what makes you think you would?
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    Oprah isn't bad looking. Who hasn't been with a BBW. This app proves that the pre is a woman's phone.
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