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    for $1.50 from official app page. this thing needs an extra tool that guy wrote Dev. RJAM to sync photos with GPS cordinates and yet that link does not work and on his home page his contact us does not work. Did anyone else buy it and has the windows sync tool? How can Palm allow saleing apps that don't work at all. it is useless without the other part.

    I wish there was an app like "My Tracks" fro android. It simply records my gps trip and then I can email myself .gpx attachment and sync with Gpicsync software my gps to my photos.

    I had Pre since day one (and still on my first pre) did everything , rooted it, installed everything, had all the cool hacks, running at 800Mhz but this is IT

    no apps, or I should say no good apps. Bought my wife HTC Hero and it is not a better phone, not a better interface but having all apps just makes it a lot better phone. I am waiting for Sprint 4G HTC Evo and I am leaving PRe. How long can one wait for apps? No Shazam, no Skype no good GPS

    even at 800Mhz it is a slow phone, i thought that new way of programing was going to change things, create more apps, make GUI interface faster , i thought they were going to do hardware acceleration for GUI and now not een HTC buying them. This is it for me, if there was a really good android phone on sprint now, i would leave, then again I will wait for one year anniversery from buying Pre. IT was in early July wasn't it?
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    Just Relax and put a stop payment on your credit card if that will make you feel better... it's free. and then write the guy a bad review in the app catalog. And then report it to Palm.. all of this should take about 10 to 13 minutes time.

    Update to post:

    looks like the guy just updated his server... could be a bad link you have to relax man. I just posted a comment on his site saying his link doesn't work... odds are high it goes straight to his email. But he should hopefully reply soon. Seems like an honest mistake.. but we'll see

    New Server

    Wanted to let everybody know that I switched over to a new server yesterday…hopefully this one will be a more reliable and a little bit faster than the old one! There may be some growing pains over the next couple of days (i.e. sending emails is not yet working, gonna try and fix that today) but everything should be running fairly smoothly soon!
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    Why are so many people on this website so paranoid. This is a phone and a first generation phone at that. Unless you are a big investor in Palm and you loose all your money, the world won't end if Palm goes belly up. Give them time to work through their problems. If they figure it out great, if not you bought a phone that had a lot of potential but didn't pan out. Life moves fast, enjoy it.
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    give them time? one year is not enough time? I didn't buy this phone like a car for 5 years. we switch phones on average in 2 years. The complain is APPS, not just this one app for a $1.50. It is that i can't find another one that does that in a similar way, it took me 5 minutes on internet to find more than one for Android (free), i wanted it that day and i got it on my wife's phone and here we don't have cool apps. Ok some of the hacks and homebrew stuff is cool but otherwise i don't see any more apps. For god's sake ipad is out for 3 weeks and already it has more NATIVE cool apps. I was a huge defender of the Pre but no big guys have any interst in it: Shazam is not coming, Skype not there Visual VM, a great feature on Sprint and HTC Hero. No bar codes since no autofocus camera, photos take 2 seconds to become good quality jpg's even with 800MHz, i usually show photos for 2 second and move on to next, here i have to wait 2 sec for it to show up. These are legitimate concerns. Yes it is cool about multi-tasking, interface and multi exchange accounts and search, but otherwise... nothing more. I don't care about games, so great that quake and NGS plays great, so the hardware is good enough yet everything coming up is slow, when they made 1.4 upgrade they cheated how fast things were showing up, it still takes the same amount of time , it just starts the loading app so it seems shorter, My screen got a burn in the corner a while ago, i did not replace cause otherwise everything worked and i heard about people being on their 4th or 5th pre so I thought i was lucky. So please don't treat me like a troll or android or iphone boy. Iwas here since the beginging. I thought the Pre had a chance against them but now with even HTC not in the game to buy them... (HTC has the best hardware right now) Apple is only afraid of them in combo with Android not Pre.
    I am just looking at it as a device that is no longer meeting my needs with the changes happening. And please don't tell me that thngs will happen (cause then we just start sounding like Apple boy devoted to whatever Steve tells them. I can't defend PRe anymore with so many changes on the phone market
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    Well personally I'm very happy with my pre. It's sad to hear that you are not so happy. I personally think a great OS is more important to me than apps, yet I find my desire for apps has so far been fulfilled and congratulate some developers on some fine apps. If you are really that desperate for an app maybe you should try contacting a few developers to enquire, alternatively you could just leave the pre and opt for a phone that does have those apps. Either way stop being unconstructive in the forums.
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    how does a lcd screen get burn in?
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    i just voiced my opinion and i did contact developers just like we all did here when we were asked to talk to them to show them numbers yet they always responded that they will see how it goes, left bottom corner has a brown burn , you only see it when i have light backgrounds. OS is great as i was telling all my friends that iphone 4 is getting what we had for a year, multi tasking and multi exchange support, it just bothers me that i will drop a phone with great interface for apps (i.e. I love switharoo where backgrounds of my kid change every 15min) to the phone here interface is just getting there and might be there in a year maybe
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    remember that iphone is on #4 now because the previous versions were not "perfect" as you'd like. read the ZDNet or equiv's archives re: all of the big player phones and os's of the last 2 years. glitches, fixes, security holes,fixes,poor battery life,improve,tweat,repeat. its not a new song at all. except the fact that palm is letting US dev and tweak and confer over the phones future needs and it doesnt void the warranty if you use the mojo dev hacks and patches. i've never heard that from any computer type device. let me know if i'm wrong here. i'd love to know who else is this generous with the following.
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    have you noticed that sucking the battery at all? and does it switch in the background by itself or only when the screen is unlocked? curious.
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    Holy cow, I am terribly sorry about the download link for the windows app and that it took me so long to find out that it wasn't working. I hope you can forgive me! I put a new link up today, I would put a copy of it on here, but I don't have 10 posts here yet, sorry...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunmorgus View Post
    Holy cow, I am terribly sorry about the download link for the windows app and that it took me so long to find out that it wasn't working. I hope you can forgive me! I put a new link up today, I would put a copy of it on here, but I don't have 10 posts here yet, sorry...
    Hey bud, don't worry about it, this dude is not put together too tight.

    It is so disappointing that people feel the need to vent on a board instead of contacting a developer and working towards a reasonable solution. Give developers a chance to respond.

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