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    I am new to the palm pre world and so far I am loving my phone!! I came from the blackberry world!!! I was so use to getting my verizon email on my blackberry!! I am sure there is a SIMPLE way to set it up on my palm pre so that I can continue to get my verizon email!(I say simple because I am not that computer savvy!!!)
    Is there someone out there who can help me....

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    Hey Kim -- I'm a new Pal Pre-er just coming over from Blackberry also. I get my Verizon e-mail on the Pre with no issues. The only gotcha is that Verizon's excellent e-mail service is state of the art for 1998 and POP3 is the only option. In non-computerese, that means what you do with your Verizon mail on the Palm is independent of the Verizon mail on your home computer. You won't see mail you send from the Pre on your home computer (unless you copy yourself). Likewise you won't see mail you send from home on the Pre. Deleting or reading a message on the Pre won't reflect on Verizon. This isn't a Palm thing, it is simply a limit of the technology Verizon is allowing to access their mail.

    Now the good news, the Palm plays nicely with Verizon for setting up mail.
    1) Open the mail app
    2) Swipe downward in the upper left corner of your screen to get the menu to come down (Up where it says Email with the small arrow next to it)
    3) Tap Preferences and Accounts
    4) Scroll to the bottom and tap Add an Account
    5) Type in your verizon email address including the part
    6) Type in your Verizon password (it is case sensitive)
    7) Tap Sign In

    That should be all there is to it. Once it is setup, you can see what options there are y doing the same thing, but instead of tapping add an account, tap the verizon e-mail address int he list. I simply left all mine at the defaults. Any issues, post back here and I'm sure someone with a larger clue will help you out!
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    OMG...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! That was so simple!!! Now I just need to figure out how to download themes...

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