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    I just started to get a yellow alert icon in the upper left corner of my email screen. Notifications have stopped coming in for this account. I have to refresh manually to get new mail. Only my Comcast POP account is affected, Gmail IMAP and business Exchange work fine.

    I have tried to reset the password, delete the account and then re-add it manually. The account then starts its sync process and completes it in a timely fashion. Less than an hour later the yellow error icon is back and any new email is not pushed but must be downloaded manually.

    I've also tried changing the time between email checks, closing and reopening the Mail program as well as restarting the phone. I've even gone as far as doing a battery pull.

    I'm beginning to think it's a Comcast issue. A while ago their servers had a glitch where if one of my computers was trying to access the mail server, and another, say my laptop was also trying to check at the same time, or shortly thereafter, I'd get an error message that the login had failed. This seems very reminiscent of the same situation.

    Of course Comcast denies any responsibility for this.

    Anyone else out there having this issue?

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    I have had the same issue occasionally, but once I refresh the inbox screen, it always resolves itself.
    Try battery pull and reset? That has helped me in the past, especially after any updates.

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