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    Ok. I installed Teal Speed. Paid my 4.99 plus tax 5.64 something. So I ran it. While chariging my phone. Then when my phone got to 100 %. I unplugged it and left Teal Speed running came back 20 something minutes later and I have 77% left lol. That's a joke. Teal Speed sucks lots and lots of battery life. Just thought i'll let you guys know. Have a great day at work guys and girls.
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    After saying I wouldn't purchase it without a demo, I actually did buy it out of curiosity. I deleted it after 10 minutes. Buy yourselves a drink on me, TealPoint Software
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    Yeah..its nice..but eats bettery
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    I have it also. I didn't notice any more battery usage when I was using it.
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    Teal Speed SWALLOWS all your battery! Had to post. Funny.
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    I've had TealSpeed running for the last 40 minutes - Battery drain = 4%
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    My battery sucked before TealSpeed and it sucks with it-

    But at least it adds some cool functionality, so i've kept it and use it daily.
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    no increase of battery usage here. I consider my phone to have acceptable battery life. Here's a test. I turn my phone s radio and data off (or use airplane mode) when I'm at work (hospital). At the end of 8 hours I can get down to only 90 battery life left. That's with tealspeed running and me using it. I don't play music or anything, ,but I use my tasks, memos, calendar, I'll play a game of hearts or spades during breaks, use the camera or pdf and word veiwer. I don't think it's tealspeed.
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    I have had teal speed for 6 months and I don't notice any battery drain. I have it open 24/7... I couldn't function without it.. Lol
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    NEWSFLASH! Everythin swallows up battery life on this fone!
  11.    #11 phone started drinking up the battery right after i installed Teal Speed.
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    so, if it wasent $5, I'd get this app simply for 1 of the features, being able to create custom icons, but everything else is redundant IMO

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