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    oops they did it again. bad job, palm

    The update from 1.4.1 to 1.4.1 (yes) is available on O2 this morning, only difference is a not properly working app catalog and a firmwareupdate to 0.5.33(247)

    looks like the paid apps are still there, but

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    Palm giveth... and Palm taketh away (paid apps that is)
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    Oh sh... you are right.. WHAT are they doing?? I just don't understand...
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    My Pre shows me since today morning again this version 1.4.1. Although I have this version already on it.
    And now?
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    looks like a firmware, not webos update
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    Lost my paid apps here in the UK as well.
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    same problem here (Austria), Palm Pre from O2 Germany, most of the apps in the app catalog are gone
    I should have known better than to accept an update from 1.4.1 to 1.4.1...
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    thanks for the warnings. i was just about to update ... from 1.4.1 to 1.4.1
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    My paid apps are back now. Phew!
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    yep, apps are back
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    Yeah, was wondering at the update from 1.4.1 to 1.4.1!

    Cheers guys, I'll let it go ahead an dthen do the modem dance again.


    UPDATE: Well, I just did the update and there was no need to do the modem downgrade agani, it just asked for my SIM PIN and away she went.

    Paid apps still in palce but still in bloody Sterling :W

    Firmware now reads as CU0.5.18(132)
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    Normally I'm an early adopter (as nearly everybody here on the forum).

    This time, as the update doesn't contain any interesting things, I decided not to hit the update app.

    So I'm just waiting for the Pre to inform me about the update from its own.

    Interestingly: 8 Days after the release, I didn't get any notification about the update, so far.

    Waiting on here to see what happens...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    Interestingly: 8 Days after the release, I didn't get any notification about the update, so far.
    Me to... worder how long it will take?
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    still no update notification...takes quite a bit!
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    I just got a 1.4.1 update although I already had 1.4.1. Strange. Phone seems the same, at least I can't find anything new and the app catalog works as before. Anyone know what's up?
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    2 weeks an no single tip from my Pre that there would be an update available...crazy.

    That's the way, non-tech users experience their Palms. No question, that this disappoints some customers as they longer have some bugs.
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    hm...obviously my Pre did the update without any information on me.

    I just checked the build and got 247. So forget about the info above, as I cannot tell you when the update hit my Pre.

    strange...shouldn't it ask me if I want to install? So it did the update with the 800 MHz Kernel installed. Crazy...

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