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    Is it possible to use the Sprint Palm Pre CDMA on wifi while in Europe either voice or internet without incurring excessive international charges. Will it work at all or should I just leave it home and buy a Vodaphone there while on vacation?
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    WiFi should take your completely off of Sprint's grid, I am not sure if the WiFi standards are the same...


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    If you put it on Airplane mode before turning WiFi on, it leaves WiFi on. It shuts off the phone radio and the EVDO radio. If you leave them on you'll probably rack up some heavy roaming fines. I was just recently in Cancun and had to do this little trick. If you need to talk I suggest you get a prepaid Vodafone handy. They're pretty cheap, I had to live off one in middle school.
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    Thanks everyone. It looks as if I'll at least be able to use the Pre in airplane mode with wifi without incurring phone charges. I'll contact Sprint to make sure.
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    The Palm Pre Wifi works fine in Europe (at least Germany, Czech Republic and Poland). Don't see how you'd incur any roaming charges since there is no CDMA signals over here that I have found.

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