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    Excuse me of this particular issue has already been discussed, but this bug is really annoying me.

    So, as of lately my camera has been acting up. Sometimes it will work normally, but the majority of the other times I just get a black screen with the just camera buttons. When I go to take a picture, it pauses for awhile then gives me an error saying, "Unable to take picture."

    I've been noticing this issue after upgrading to Ironically if I press down on the corner that the camera is on, sometimes the camera will function normal again for a short bit, but its really delicate. In addition, I've also noticed that the picture quality is worse in

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I am hoping its simply a software issue, but the fact that I have to press down on the corner that the camera is on worries me that its more than just software.
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    Sounds like a hardware issue. You should look to see if the device can be replaced.

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    I got the unable to take picture error yesterday and the only way to fix it for me was to reboot the phone. After that it worked fine.

    I just filed a claim with Asurion to get a replacement pre because mine had the notorious USB crack which had spread to the screen and the slider was no longer opening smoothly. I will report back if the replacement does the same thing.

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