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    How can I set up my Pre to have separate notifications for each email account? I've seen screenshots with multiple email icons in the notification bar, and I remember reading that this feature came with one of the OS updates. I tried giving each account a unique alert, I tried deleting and re-adding each account, and I tried to find a patch, but all the new email in all my accounts still gets lumped together in one notification. Thanks.
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    go into email pref and turn off smart box I think it is called,,or something to that effect
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    that is a all in one box/feature,,turn this off then set a separate alert for each account they are called smart folders,,turn them off
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    Yup, that's it! You don't even need to have a separate alert for each account. The "All Inboxes" option under Smart Folders just has to be off. Thanks a lot!
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    no problem ,,enjoy

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