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    I had about 10 files (2GB) of downloaded video/audio in DrPopper App. I had to use Erase App and Data to clear Launcher Icon Reset issue. After restoring the profile, DrPopper was completely empty and I had to add all the RSS feeds again. However, it appears that the downloaded files were still some where in the memory (I can say this based on the memory that is used). I don't see these files in DRPopper but they are on the phone and occupying 25% of the memory.

    Can somebody please tell me the location of these downloaded files so that I can delete them and clear up the space? Thanks.
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    Thanks for quick response from the app developer. Here is the info.

    You can locate the video files in the drPodder folder when connected via USB in "USB Drive" mode. They will typically be in folders with a "." prepended to the name of the feed. So, ".CNN Videos" or something like that.

    If you don't see these folders, then you need to go into advanced settings in explorer and choose "Show Hidden Files & Folders".
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    I downloaded drPodder a week or so ago and have been enjoying several podcasts However, I can't figure out how to delete a podcast. I saw on the previous page that I should be able to swipe it off the screen, the same way I delete emails, but for me this doesn't work; the feed bounces right back onto the screen every time. The best I can do is drag unwanted feeds to the bottom of my feed list. Can someone clarify how I can delete feeds?


    Edit: should have mentioned I have v0.6.7.

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