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    My Palm Pre's battery has suddenly gotten pretty bad. I started off at 100% at 7:30AM then at 5:30PM I was at 0%. I was in school the whole time with the majority of the time having poor service (mostly roaming or 0-1 bars of 1X) My friend has a Pre Plus and has the same battery effecting patches as me (800 mhz patch and the CPUScaler set to 125mhz-800mhz) and ended up with 70% at the same time. Any advice to improve battery life?
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    I think the fact that you were roaming was a major reason why yr battery died,i could be wrong,and I'm sure someone smarter then I will claify,but when you have no signel and yr phone is constantly roaming for one,,it uses up lots of battery power
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    I don't want to turn airplane mode on because I usually need to use my phone is school for any number of reasons. I heard setting the phone to constantly roaming helps the battery life if you're in a bad reception area.
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    when you are in school,try a prl update
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    if that's what you did,,obviousy did not work for you. Would not do that again
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    No I have not done that yet, I just heard that it worked and I might want to try it out if I get any good feedback for someone who has tried it.
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    I know when I'm in a bad area and I get the 1x I do a prl update and I am good to go. Goes right back to 3g
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    Will a prl update effect any of my other settings on my phone? I think I remember it messed with something on my phone last time I did a prl update.
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    it does not mess with anything else,,i do it often. And it's either going to find you a good signeland yr problem solved or it won't work cause yr in a really bad area. Either way,,no harm done. It has worked for me just about everytime
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    Alright thank you very much. I will try it out tomorrow
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    Have you tried installing the patch that lets you set as Roam Only? I use this when on the subway so I can still text and it prevents the phone from trying to find a Data signal.
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    I found signal loss is my greatest battery killer. Is's as if the phone is constantly looking for service.
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    Even with my previous dumb phones, low/no signal conditions would drain down my battery because the phone is always searching for a signal.
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    Try turning off the data connection while you have no signal. Because not only is it searching for voice, it's then searching for data to sync synergy and whatever else you want to sync. Data + no signal is the biggest battery killer of them all.
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    how is a prl update done?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    how is a prl update done?
    open phone app,go to prefernces,,scroll down and hit update prl

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