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    My battery has gotten worse and worse. Last night at 11:00 I plugged it into the wall. I unplugged it a few minutes ago to find out that the battery only charged to 95%... and then within 10 minutes it fell to 90%. Is this normal? Should I call Sprint?
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    There are zillions of threads on battery life and whats normal and what is not. Search.

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    Did you recently add an Exchange account to your phone?
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    Have you recently added the Jstop application? I installed it and could not get my phone to charge beyond 95%, then the battery started to decline even while it was on the charger.

    Removing the application fixed the battery drain.
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    I have jstop and did not have neither of those problems,,,thats weird,,guess it's true,,every pre has a mind of it's own

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