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    I installed the 800 Mhz patch and cpuscaler ultimate [paid version] yesterday and set the scaling from 250-800 Mhz with the stick at boot option activated.. Everything worked perfect and, almost every app was quicker and the phone was very responsive overall !!

    When I placed the phone on the touchstone last night, it rebooted a few minutes later. I decided to change the scaling from 250 - 800 to 500 - 800, but the option to set anything higher than 600 Mhz just wasn't there in the scaler app after the reboot ?

    The scaling option does not display anything over 600 Mhz ? I clicked on ' Stats' and it showed the CPU set to 50000 and [iirc] max speed 60000..

    Did the 800 Mhz patch un-install itself or get corrupted ? Would I need to re-install it ? I don't have the Pre on me right now [ using the BB 9700 @ work ] so I couldn't check if the patch is still there or not thru WebOS install..

    Any insights, recommendations.. ?

    Many thanks!!
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    This may be a silly question, but did you tap the "Uber Speeds" button to access higher speeds?


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