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    Which app is better?
    my tether or moble hotspot

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    mobile hotspot seems simplier
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    I use MyTether - donation version. It had a few problems earlier, but since 1.4.1 I haven't had any problems with it.
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    do they both produce the same speeds? or is 1 fast then the other
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    Good question - I haven't tested mine, but I believe that someone here has clocked it. Do a search for download speeds (MyTether and MHS) and see what comes up.
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    I'm not sure about speed but I use mobile hotspot and I'm very happy with it. Best of all it's free.
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    MHS 1.0.3 w/freetetherd and Jason's patch to enable NAT on 1.3.5. That's the best experience I had.

    Fast connect, good speeds.

    For 1.4, On second place usb tethering with myTether, quick and enables charging at the same time.

    Third place, mytether WiFi, sometimes it doesn't give ip address, and it's heavy on the Pre battery. It drains more battery than it charges if using usb (that's why I prefer tether over usb).

    That's my opinion

    I should note that I don't have Verizon's latest MHS so I can't comment on it (for 1.4)
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    i love mobile hotspot it seems to work great
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    can i have both mytether and MHS installed on the fone with no problems?
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    I thought MyTether only supported 1 connected device(?) MHS supports 5
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    I've used both MyTether and Mobile Hotspot and I didn't notice any difference in speed. One benefit of MyTether was USB mode so I could charge at the same time. However, I usually have my Pre charging when running MHS as well. So just preference I guess. I found MHS easier to install as well.

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