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  • No (on Sprint)

    34 27.42%
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    73 58.87%
  • No (on Verizon)

    3 2.42%
  • Yes (on Verizon)

    14 11.29%
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy4vws View Post
    My Facebook has worked fine up until yesterday, now the main screen / news section doesn't refresh and says Communication Error. It's funny that all other sections in the Facebook app load fine, I can search, view my profile, etc. with no problem but I just can't view the News section (the most important part of the app).

    Anybody else have this issue?
    Mine and my wifes fb apps are not working as well (will not refresh news). I can not figure it out and I have tried everything that I can think of (ie. restart, remove/reinstall, etc...).

    If anyone know why this is happening or has a fix, please let me know.
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    same here too many bad issues w fb everything was fine till this new update popup but waittt some times I don't really think is the app I believe is the fb serve or something cus when this happened to me I have to doc ma pre plus and back to same issues den I try to use the beta and same den I went to fb bookmarks and same problems soo yeaaa I got tired docting my p+ lol till yesterday I was just trying to see if works and yes is working now for long no idea lol
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    Facebook worked fine this morning for me, now "Error communicating with server"
    The site itself works fine...
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    Same here, "error communicating with server" when I used facebook all day.
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    i keep getting this dumb communication error every time i start the app
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    I never got that until3 hours ago,,now it won't stop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChilinMichael View Post
    Facebook worked fine this morning for me, now "Error communicating with server"
    The site itself works fine...
    same problem just started for me too
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    I'm on Bell in Canada, and I just started getting the "error communicating with server" notice this evening. But if lots of people are getting this error, I'm sure Palm will push out an update in short order.
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    I have been having this same problem for 2 days now...
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    the error started about 4 hours ago. It was working fine all day.
  11. Habidabad's Avatar
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    I'm also having this issue with FriendsFlowBeta and Facebook for Palm Beta. Started a few hours ago. The mobile site is also having problems, but the regular site in the browser works fine. I think it's a facebook server issue. They must be changing stuff again just to **** us all off, as usual!
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    I have the "error communicating with server" as well. I use this app frequently and of course my iphone pal noticed I couldn't refresh my status today while he could....embarrassing

    The Pre always manages to become very unreliable when you need it the most. The Facebook app is critical to webOS's success since most people I know judge a phone on how good the Facebook app is, as sorry as that sounds. I hope this is fixed soon.
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    count me in as another.. Was working fine 3 hours ago.. Now nothing.. 'communication error'
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    Yea, I thought I was the only one. It was working about 3 to 4 hours ago. Now it's acting up.
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    I'm also getting the communication error. Guess I'll be using for now. Hope things get fixed soon.
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    I'm sure it will be fine tomorrow.
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    Working for me now...
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    Yea, same here. It's working again.
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    I think I'm addicted to facebook.
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    I get intermittent no-refresh issues. Almost always only on my news feed, though, and not on other portions of the app. Can't replicate it, just get it sometimes. WiFi/3G/1x - doesn't matter, it just fails hard sometimes. (Sprint Pre)
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