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    HI Friends:
    I plan to visit Germany earlu June for a holiday. The stop is in Munich, I would like to know how I can buy an unlocked GSM Pre in Munich. Also how much does it cost for a foreigner?

    Look forward to your help on this... Ohh I can't help eagerly waiting to get the Pre

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    pre 361€ (touchstone included)
    pre+ 509€ (starting price 28.04.)
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    the prices he mentioned are within a "my handy" contract. that contract _only_ means the payment of the phone itself. any voice/data/whatever service would go extra.

    so the question is: can the whole sum be payed at once? i just investigated their homepage and it seems not to. but it seems possible to "cancel" a running "my handy" contact by requesting to do so, after that you can pay the rest at once.

    still the question is if you can "cancel" it right in the shop. or if it is possible to pay it cash without "my handy"

    because other than the payment there should not be any reason you cannot buy it. as usually here the plan is to pull the money from your banc account monthly so perhaps thats not possible with a foreign account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Ehm, that's with a € 15 Monthly Plan, right?
    Or is the 360 just the total cost for 2 years @15 a month?
    i don't know, i never asked if you can pay that at once, have never been in a O2 store

    361€ is total cost with the monthly rate
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    Thanks guys, so this means I can go to any O2 store in Munich, pays euro360 and pay the first month to activate euro 15, then I do not need to cancel it? I am not sure if they allow me to pay the 1 month fee euro15 with cash do I don't need to pay for the subsequent months.

    My other option is to buy Palm pre + CDMA at my country (many backend sellers here for the cdma). CDMA is only useful to use within my country Indonesia, but I am thinking to keep using GSM Centro for overseas as the data roaming would be expensive overseas.
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    You don't have to buy it on a plan, just buy i unlocked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvvpc View Post
    You don't have to buy it on a plan, just buy i unlocked.
    Be more specific if you're trying to help, OK?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvvpc View Post
    You don't have to buy it on a plan, just buy i unlocked.
    I plan to buy pixi plus in Europe next month. I understand we can buy unlocked in Germany, but can we get the same unlocked in France?

    My consideration:
    1) QWERTY not QWERTZ. Is France phone QWERTY?
    2) I saw in precentral the price is cheaper in France by about Euro40
    3) Unlocked version is a must

    Friends, I plan to have a holiday in Europe (mainly vienna, prague, budapest, munich, paris, London, Warsaw) next month for 2-3 weeks. I need to access my email and yahoo messenger (GPRS) constantly (I will use my old treo 680), can any of u recommend any prepaid sim card to minimize roaming cost? Ideally, I buy in Vienna, the first city I visit.


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    It's very easy.

    Go to a O2 shop, buy one, done.

    You have the option of getting it with a plan - but you don't have to.

    Palm Pre 361 Euros.
    Palm Pre Plus 509 Euros.
    There's no simlock on the german O2 Pres.

    Yes - it can be paid all at one - no strings attached. That's how I bought my Pre last October on the day it came out.

    Prices are fresh from their website:

    Palm® Pre

    O2 also offers to sell them via monthly rates over 24 months.
    And they also offer contracts that include the phone with a subsidy for a higher monthly fee. But it's just that - options.

    The classic Pre currently has the Touchstone included. sells it (non-Plus) for 349 Euros - but only delivers these to Germany. They have also used ones available for 200 Euros.
    Palm Pre Smartphone O2 Branding schwarz: Elektronik

    Foreigners pay the same as any customer. Dunno if you have to worry about customs. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $you$ $can$ $get$ $the$ $VAT$ $back$ ($and$ $then$ $probably$ $pay$ $some$ $sales$ $tax$ $or$ $tariff$ $equivalent$ $at$ $home$).

    Your only problem will be that there is no QWERTY keyboard here. It's QWERTZ (z and y are switched). AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $french$ $keyboards$ $will$ $also$ $be$ $different$ $from$ $US$ $QWERTY$ $keyboard$. $C$'$est$ $la$ $vie$.

    Language is no problem. I always switch my phones to english. My Pre offers 5 languages (german, english UK, italian, spanish, french).
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    Thanks guys, esp. Tholap.

    I will get my pixi plus in Munich O2 store.

    I owned a Preplus CDMA in my home country Indonesia, but data speed is better on GSM here.


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