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    Homies, I need help. My pre developed a hairline crack right above the USB port. From what I've read/researched, it appears to be a common problem. My dilemma lies in neither sprint nor palm will fix the phone under warranty:

    -Walked into Sprint, requested the repair/warranty fix, rep came out two minutes later with some BS response, "I am sorry sir, but we can't honor the warranty because it's a 'cosmetic' defect, and we will not cover it..." I then press for other solutions, he added, "Well, you could contact Palm, and ask them for repair services."

    -Called Palm support, waited a couple of minutes while some choppy VOIP connection came through, requested for warranty coverage, rep replied, "I am sorry sir, but you have to send the phone to Texas, and we will inspect the handset to make sure it was not dropped and it was indeed a defect. This process will take two weeks." I requested some sort of rental phone in the interim because Sprint refused to provide one, Palm's rep then replied, "I am sorry sir, but if you want a replacement phone, we will have first charge you a refundable fee of $400 and then an addition $30 to have a phone be mailed to you first... and have to determine your handset's damage are due to a manufacturer's defect" I got really angry, and pressed that Sprint will not help, Palm will charge me an arm and a leg to get something repair while I sit for two weeks waiting for my phone to be repaired and pay for the full service fee from Sprint. Since I am new to Sprint, and only carry a GSM set from tmobile for travel purposes, I don't have a spare CDMA phone.

    Now, here I am, stuck, with less than 60 days left in my warranty, trying my best not to extend the crack. Ah, Sprint and Palm, this friend, this is how you lose customers year after year.

    It's my personal belief that ATT/Verizon/Tmobile are no better or worse in their repair service, but I do think they will repair my phone without two weeks of chasing this ghost repair/warranty service.

    Once again, homies, what are my options now?

    Palm offered me to exchange my phone at no charge. The exchange process was fast, received the phone in two days, it's refurbished phone, I can tell the inside was used! But it's fully functional now. Without any cracks.
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    take your phone pop off the power button, take it to a different sprint store tell them the power button fell off they will replace the phone had the same issue with mine got it replaceced with a brand new phone no less
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    That looks exactly the same as my usb crack and I first noticed it back in december, but as of today it still hasn't rounded the corner to the screen. That's with 2 drops on the pavement in the last couple of months. I wanted to replace mine to, but figured I'd wait till it gets to the screen and then pursue the replacement.

    I'd try and live with it, but if you can't that power button thing sound good to me. Sucks sprint or palm won't just pony up and kick you a new phone. They are well aware of this issue, I'm sure.
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    I have the same issue...
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    Hey man,

    Sucks about the crack. I had the same thing happen to mine, started from the charging port and barely had made its way onto the screen when I decided to take it back. Bought mine last June. Sprint guy (at the Sprint repair center store) told me that it wouldn't be covered under warranty b/c it was an exterior problem. He asked if I had insurance on it, I said no. He then showed it to the tech guys and a minute later told me they'd replace it. He printed out an order ticket for me (this was on a Sunday) and said the new phone would come that Tuesday, which it did. It was just a new phone (no new charger or battery, etc.), but nonetheless got it replaced.

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    I guess it all comes down to what the people at sprint store do, some replace it some don't we've seen it on here tons of times. try taking it to another repair place see what happens.

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    I had the same problem and sprint told me the same thing. I called Palm yesturday and they gave me the same replacement offers. I had them escalate my call to corprate and the rep waved the 29.99 fee and reduced the 400.00 hold to 100.00. I was happy with that. It just sucked to had to get my call ecalated 3 times and be on the phone for an hour and a half to get my phone replaced
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    I would add a line to your Sprint account, get a free phone from Sprint with the addition, then cancel the added line/Phone within their 30 day window. hopefully that window would be enough for Palm to verify/fix/replace your phone.
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    The part that frustrates me the most is how arrogant Sprint (in store) was when they reviewed my phone, they viewed it as normal wear and tear, and simply reject good customer service. How difficult is it for Sprint to send the phone back to Palm, have them study the case, and fix the issue with the next batch of phones. Heck, I am willing to share this "admin" fee. But instead, they ended up losing customers at a fraction of their operating expense. Does Sprint think customer enjoy ATT's crappy coverage in San Francisco? Do they think Verizon's price expensive plans remain affortable with 13% unemployment around the San Francisco area? Some of us actually think Sprint's coverage is better in a few areas. Seriously, Sprint's board of directors must be smoking something we are not.

    On another note, I escalated this issue to another manager in Palm, now, they took some notes, and promised me they will give me a call with an answer. 24 hours later, no call.
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    Sprint just replaced my phone with this issue. I called tech support and had no problems at all (other than the fact that the first replacement phone they sent was DOA).

    Does everyone always go to the stores instead of calling tech support?
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    To update everyone. I filled out a pretty nasty survey, and wrote down all the problems I have with Sprint and Palm. A rep just called, and offered me my replacement at no charge. I will update once again in a week if and when I receive my replacement.
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    My Pre has the same issue but I'm holding out until it (a) gets worse or (b) Palm announces new hardware when I can upgrade this summer. Getting a replacement at this point, which could have other (worse) problems isn't worth the potential stress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    My Pre has the same issue but I'm holding out until it (a) gets worse or (b) Palm announces new hardware when I can upgrade this summer. Getting a replacement at this point, which could have other (worse) problems isn't worth the potential stress.
    I got to admit, going through this process was pretty stressful. I really wish they were built to Nokia standards, those candy bars never failed on me!
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    if u call palm they will offer a replace service takes 4-6 b days if u continue to say no they will offer advanced exchange(new phone) which is $30 plus a $400 hold while they wait for ur return they can waive that if u speak with a supervisor.

    if you call sprint . ask for advanced tech support. tell them u went to a non-corp store and they told u to call ur phone keep resetting. and u need a replace. they order u one. refub most likely
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    I have the same issue, hopefully it doesn't crack any further...sprint refused to take it as a defect
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    Made update. Check first post.
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    same here, sprint won't take via phone or store. I think I'm going to call and complain again soon and if they won't replace it, atleast see if I can get an upgrade for when a new device does come out.

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