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    So, GTALK is no longer working guys. Is anyone else having this issue? When I go to the messaging app and go to buddies, it's just loading screen waiting to sign in.

    Can anyone help? Please.
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    Same here, no fix found...
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    not sure if its related but I was temporarily banned from my google account this morning around 4... my pre then logged me out of everything google and wouldn't connect
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    I actually had issues signing into anything Google related on my brand new replacement Pre last night. I turned it on for the first time, logged into my profile successfully and was setting up my email, contacts and GTalk accounts. It gave me "username or password incorrect" responses for a couple of hours. I was even sitting right in front of a computer, using the EXACT same information to successfully log into GMail.

    I didn't do anything special to "fix" it, mostly just left it alone. I did reboot once. A little later in the evening I was able to connect to all Google services.

    Still very strange.
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    I've not been able to log into gchat over wifi since 1.4, and there are others with the same problem. Works fine for me over EVDO, though. Check out this thread:
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    Google is reworking their password system after disclosing that hackers (Chinese?) stole the source-code for the password subsystem.

    many accounts got (forced) logged off and all you need to do is to log in again (using the stupid captcha) from a PC account.. Worked for me..

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