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    oh yeah, one of or members made that, and since then it has been floating in a lot of other threads lately and has been talked about a lot. I like how the c40 looks something like that myself
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    Belongs in future palm devices not the pre section
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    It'd be nice I think if the keyboard slid to the side instead. Otherwise that does look really nice
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    I've always said I wanted the next gen Palm device to be a landscape slider... I've completely changed my mind. Portrait sliders are definitely much better. One-hand use is impossible with a landscape slider...
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    Very nice. However, might the newer Omap cpu's be a better fit. I have not read up on them too much, but I am sure someone will chime in about it. I "think" they are more powerful though.

    Oh, and it might be nice if they realize you have to actually Advertise your product and show what it can do to the consumer, rather than what we saw before.
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    wow why do people keep posting the same crapppp

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