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    After going a few days ago and getting a rep who didn't refused to give me a replacement I had much better luck today. I got my replacement due to my original Pre Plus having "sticky keys" and the occasional reboot.

    Wow it's so much better!

    No double letters yet, less screen wobble when open and closed, keys feel more "clicky", and battery cover fits tightly with no wobble.

    Hopefully things will stay this way because I'd rather not have to get another replacement.

    Now I just need to install Preware and enjoy some 800mhz scaling action and some patches.
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    are you with sprint? Cause them giving out pre plusses would make me very happy....
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    I doubt he's with sprint since he said my original Pre Plus. Would love to see the Pre Plus on sprint though.
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    Sorry but I'm on Verizon...
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    Exactly the same here, my wife's was fine, mine did all as described above to the letter. Much happier now with the replacement!

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