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    it will be this possible in the future??? download the app for free just like the iphone with cidya and the installer and all that,it would be great..! for sure will bring more customers...
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    Like pirating apps? Or are you talking about free homebrew apps?
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    of course pirata lol
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    Oh. Talk of piracy isn't allowed here. This thread is as good as dead.
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    im sure the iphone have a lot of customers beacuse they can do this. thru cidya and installer from their iphone downloading all they want for free from the app store.
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    anything in possible.. But for a 10$ program no one would be willing to go through all the troubles. Just not worth it. I suggest you do research on an app before you buy it and it won't feel like a rip off.
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    That may be true, but I'm just letting you know this thread isn't going to last long.
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    ok so where can we talk about this ! sorry that what i thought
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    Quote Originally Posted by realdeal12 View Post
    ok so where can we talk about this ! sorry that what i thought
    I don't know.. Not on Precentral lol
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    you mean like preware
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    yes but 10 dollars plus 10 dollars will be a lot, they are to expensive.
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    yes like preware but real applications for example 3d games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gangland View Post
    you mean like preware
    No, he means getting paid apps for free.

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