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    To the person who talked badly as if I can have no opinion on here. Who said basically I'm a nobody cause I only have a few posts and never thank anyone! First of all.. There is no thanks button on the mobile feed which I only use! And second,...this is a forum isn't it. I can post whatever the h*ll I please.
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    Please post personal rants in the correct forum.
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    You are right about 1 thing, This is a forum! And no you cant post anything you please thats why the thread was locked.

    You also dont ONLY use mobile because you have thanked 3 people!

    BTW this is childish of you to start another thread whining about somebody (Me) calling you out on your asinine post.

    Maybe Ill link to the original thread so everybody here can see what your rant is all about.

    No.......... really .......... dont thank me, it was my pleasure!
    Please hit the thanks button if I helped you

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    post more and start thanking people?
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    <<closed - wrong forum>>
    Just call me Berd.

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