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    David posted a follow up on his work of firefox mobile on the Pre.

    He pointed out several things:

    1. its native for Pre, just as native to all other platforms, those who think this is a second level port from android firefox mobile is completely wrong.

    2. developing with PDK for palm is "remarkably easy"

    3. Palm is in contact with him and offered some help.

    4. He will be at Palm developer day with a working copy of firefox mobile on his phone!, say hi and check him out!.

    Picture is here
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    very nice.
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    Great! Now the big question is...does Flash for Linux work?
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    awesome..can't wait
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    Cool, thanks for the update! Looking good.
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    sounds yummy!
    Maybe opera will get a webos version two and then we'll have 3 really good browsers.
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    read his blog and progress sounds great.
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    While there is nothing wrong with the stock browser, minus bookmark organizing, I'm really looking forward to this.
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    I wonder how well it performs compared to the stock browser
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    Quote Originally Posted by spare View Post
    read his blog and progress sounds great.
    Here - Oxymoronical Blog Archive Myths and mysconceptions about Firefox on the Palm Pre
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    Sweet. I'll certainly be willing to give it a try.
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    Will it be faster than the built-in browser?
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    I think the downside we might see would be too many cards error a lot more if you ran this browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    I think the downside we might see would be too many cards error a lot more if you ran this browser.
    I don't thin so, I obviously don't know the matter with firefox mobile, but since firefox 3.0, when they put in high efficiency garbage collector, the desktop version has been consistently tested to be most memeory efficient browser on any platform. You can search "browser memory" from any search enging and read for yourself.
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    Firefox is by far my favorite browser.

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