View Poll Results: How is your Pre doing after almost a month on 800/720?

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  • Perfect! Runs like a champ!

    150 69.12%
  • Ok... Has had some hiccups...

    64 29.49%
  • Bad! The thing gets way too hot and crashes!

    2 0.92%
  • It already blew up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vbockius View Post
    Thank you Sir, I had just found that thread also xD
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    I installed the 800 mhz patch yesterday so i was running at 800 all the time, and this morning i got a "too hot" warning (thanks to that neato app that gives the warnings).

    So i immediately installed the CPUscaler app and let the MHZ range from 250-800 and haven't had a warning since. And since i've been using this for all of 3 hours, i am SURE i can't possibly ever have a problem, LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBruceLee View Post
    Where can I get this CPU scaler I just got 800 patch, and I need to make sure phone is stable...

    I'm looking around in preware atm :3
    search the forums for the l337tech feed for preware
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    I have the 720mhz ipk, with the uber scalar application,

    Initially used 125-720mhz but ran into problems, phone becoming unresponsive etc fixed when i swapped to 500-800mhz, great battery life.

    Not sure about the new super kernals etc do they provide any advantage? I am pretty happy with my current setup
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    I use the 800 plus scaler set at 250-800 and sometimes when I stream videos my phone will get rather warm over 45c. Most of the time I am fine. I do use my phone hard and on a 25 min bus ride while listening to streaming radio while using GPS and surfing the web I have managed to kill amost 38%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    I have something similar.. this is the only thing I've noticed that mine has done. I open the slider or press the power button and the screen doesn't turn on so I've tried pressing it a few times or just once more and a few seconds later it resets..
    I don't know if it's the 800mhz kernel or if it's just, anyone?
    Personally I think the wake up problem is 1.4.1, because I have had that problem intermittently for a while now, before installing the patch. It does happen with the 800Mhz as well but I don't think it's to blame. Just put the patch on today, working great so far.. I don't have the scaler, and my phone doesn't seem to heat up very much, in fact I don't demand that much resoucres nor do I play much games.. Lets see how it goes...
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    vbockius, I can't tell you how appreciative one can be by providing a link, etc. I spend HOURS trying to find "X" information, where the "feed" is and so on. As a side note, I've tried to donate a couple of times, but having problems doing so. I've used PayPal for years, but something's a miss. Suppose it could be me.
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