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    I am sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I wanted to post this because when I first discovered that my brand new Palm Pre had a crack under the surface of the screen... I tried to research online people's experiences with Refurbished Pre's. I couldn't really find anything specific to a situation like mine. Just references in other threads now and then where I couldn't always tell if the help or NOT help was from Sprint or Palm. Now, I know that all the refurb's come direct from Palm but I also know that every (3) Pre that I got refurbished from Sprint had been reconditioned several months beforehand and each had a defect that made the phone unusable.

    So here is my experience, which is quite long, but I am going to try to keep it short. I looked all over the web to find out what happened when you got a broken Pre and had to get a warranty replacement. I found that almost always you are going to get a refurb which didn't please me that I spent over 680.00 to come to Sprint for a broken and then refurbished phone. Luck of the draw or current situation is the ONLY way you are going to get a NIB Palm Pre from Sprint. After 4 phone's refurbished being broken, instead of trying to suggest that I switch to another device, a tech support (Sprint) agent told me the Pre's were being recalled and I could get a Samsung Moment or a Pixi (no wi-fi... not going to happen). Plus, I love my Pre, I wouldn't switch if they offered me the EVO at no cost. So, I called Palm and they offered to do an Advanced Exchange and sent me the replacement device. The agent told me that the phone would be inspected thoroughly before it was sent to me and my phone has a recondition date of 4/15/2010. So, they did make sure they sent me a working phone.

    The refurb has NO oreo, no cracks, it doesn't overheat especially with the 800mhz ipk. The software is great and the touch screen is responsive. There is no bleeding at the edges. The slider is tight and not have thicker width on one side, with a large gap and flush on the other. The gap is level all the way around. The power button isn't stuck so the screen wont stay woken up. The buttons are responsive and more clicky, even the space bar. So, overall the phone is mint, nothing seems to be wrong with it and I couldn't be happier. Also, I completed a form that sent the Customer Corporate Relations department general feedback about my overall experience at about 9pm on the 14th. The 15th at 8am I received a call and we discussed my issues, mostly with Sprint and Radioshack and the gentlemen sent me a Touchstone Charger Kit to help improve my experience which I received today and it's amazing.

    So, my advice is that if you are one the few unlucky people who have received more than one defective refurb? Give up on Sprint, they do not want or CARE to help, at least the Sprint store manager's in my region refused. Which I can understand, since we seem to have received a bad batch here in Tennessee. I have never had to do a warranty replacement on a smartphone and every issue that I had was reported within hours of the device being picked up and verified by a technician. If it weren't for Palm being so involved in a situation they know can be difficult, I probably would have been forced to switch to a Moment; or since I still had 8 days left of my first 30, gone back to Verizon for the Pre Plus... but Verizon service doesn't really work at my house so I don't know what would have been the end result if not for their caring Corporate Relations Department.

    I am sure there are people out there who haven't had such a great experience with Palm or those who received excellent help and service from Sprint. It just depends on the time, the person, etc. I just wanted to help someone know what they could probably expect from Palm if they are being treated badly by Sprint. I was practically called stupid to my face for not wanting to leave the Pre and go to an Android; so hopefully they will be more likely to try Palm customer support rather than be forced to leave a phone they enjoy. Thank you. Not trying to offend anyone, just give some information to those who might end up in a similar situation.
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    two thumbs up to your experience and congratulations on receiving a fantastic replacement phone from palm direct. Hope others will have similar experiences if they go through palm.
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    Interesting. My first Pre (picked up the day they came out) worked great until the headset speaker borked on me. I took it in for a replacement and got one with a "spot" on the screen and the Oreo effect. The second one was scratched up. The third was the charm but even it has some Oreoing going on. I think I might look into contacting Palm directly. Thanks for the informative post.
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    Yes, I was very frustrated with Sprint and their refurbs... like I said, I know they come from Palm direct but refurbs from June and July don't seem to be very sturdy. So, I hope they take care of you. Also, I they will tell you there is 29.00 shipping fee. I simply asked for it to be waived and they did. Good Luck!
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    First Alltel "smartphone" HTC Touch (4 devices); then HTC Diamond (1 device); then Blackberry Pearl 8130 (1 device; the Blackberry Curve 8330 (6 devices due to becoming Verizon customer ); then.... Finally the wondrous and amazing Palm Pre and I will never go back!
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    Great post! Thanks for relaying your experience. I had a "servicable" launch day Sprint Pre that held up reasonably well (compared to others) but stopped working after 9 months of use due to a USB screen crack (that first showed up around the 5m mark). Since I don't otherwise "baby" my phone, the Sprint manager was afraid to take a chance giving me a "warranty replacement". There was a thread here on how to do the advanced exchange with Palm, which I did (spending over 1.5 hours total in the Sprint store and on the phone with Palm), but in the end - like you - the refurb Pre that they sent me has been both functionally and aesthetically perfect. I saw some news here (on the website side of PreCentral) saying/implying that maybe people are now getting new Pre's instead of refurbs from Palm. "Actual Quality" is more important to me than "refurb status" and I can concur with you that Palm at least knows how to refurb (and they don't pass along the previous guy's "problem" to you (like Sprint does).
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    What phone number did you call to get a replacement through palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsatmans View Post
    What phone number did you call to get a replacement through palm.
    I wrote it down on a scrap of paper (so I'm not sure I'll be able to find that). The manger of the Sprint store gave me the number when I asked for it. (If I find it, or can google the number, I'll add another post here with the number.)
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    Friend of mine dropped her Pre and broke the power button, the refurb she received from Spint was fine and is still working great after 4 months.

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