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    I have both the beta and non-beta facebook apps, and now when I get notifications, I get them twice - so I want to delete one of the apps.
    My question is, which one is technically better/more updated?
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    I was wondering the same thing, I'm assuming there will still be beta updates.
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    Beta = 1.6, Catalogue version = 2.0
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    No, beta version 1.1.6 catalog version 1.2. I would assume that the beta app will be updated sooner.
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    Don't delete! I just went into the menu options for the beta and turned off the notifications and set the times it checks for updates to manual. Then changed the non-beta to check for the updates and enable notifications on it. That way there, when the beta get updated and passes the official in functionality, I can reverse it.
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    good idea!
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    Here's something I can't figure do I make the notifications show as "read"? Right now, no matter how long I let it sit in the notifications screen it doesn't show as "read" when I exit the screen.

    I still see the red number showing how many notifications I have.
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    Just turn-off WebOS Notifications in the Preferences & Accounts on one of them. I have both as well.

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