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    I discovered a way to hide app icons that I do not want to see on my launcher. This is the same steps done by some of the patches (hide MP3, NFL, SPrintTV, Nascar, etc), but in a manual way. Since there is no patch to remove these apps, I took it upon myself.

    For ex: I do not care to see Tasks, or the Help Icon (I got preware, right?), and Bluetooth (i do not use it nor want an annoying earpiece).

    The steps (from vague memory)
    1) Using Putty or another SSH program go to your usr/palm/applications directory.
    2) Find the directory for your app. Example...Tasks. usr/palm/applications/
    3) In the main directory of that app is a file with extension .json
    4) Edit that file, and change the line that says
    visible ; "true" to visible ; "false". I dont remember the exact syntax, but basically change true to false.
    5) Repeat steps 1-4 for any other icon you want to hide
    6) Restart Luna
    7) Enjoy the space on the launcher.

    These steps are only for stock icons that came with your Pre nice and clean and not for apps that you have installed on your own.

    I tried it with the Sprint portal (yellow sprint icon), but it doesnt seem to work. I wonder if I can just delete the directory.

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    Seems to me it would be easier to install the patch that lets you add launcher pages, then put any apps you don't like on a page that is either to the far left or the far right side. Then you never have to see them and you don't have to edit files that are on the root of the phone.
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    agreed. But I don't want more pages to wrap through to hide icons. Accessing root files is fun once you get the hang off it.
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    You do know there are multiple .json files for each app right?
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    Thank you for that. I didn't realize they were there. Greatly appreciated!
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    yes, i have seen a few apps with more than 1 json file. i just chose the one that has the visible line

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