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    This is my first post here, although I have been lurking since the very beginning. I was somewhat of a regular on 1src though, before all the guys there went for an iPhone.

    Right now I'm still using my old TX, but can't wait to ditch it. So I am considering buying either a Pre Plus (or C40 eventually) from Bell as soon as it's available in GSM, or the iPhone 4G. I have a marked preference for Palm, being an investor as well as a long time user. But my first priority is my own well-being, so I can't rule out an iPhone.

    One of the big issues I am facing is availability of the App catalog when using a webOS device without a data plan. Living in downtown Montreal, wifi is everywhere, and after losing tens of thousands in Palm stock (seriously guys), paying 50$ a month for 512MB is out of the question. So my plan is buying a device at full cost, and using it with only a voice contract.

    So is it possible to use a webOS device on Bell with only a voice plan, and still have access to the App catalog? I know of many people who are doing this with their iPhone, so if it isn't possible with Palm, I will be forced to get the iPhone. (Multilanguage support is amazing on the iPhone too, so that's a major plus too.)

    Thanks in advance for the help guys!
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    you can get a sprint or virizon pre/preplus on ebay for a decent price, the only thing you will run into is that, you will need to circumvent the first use app, you can do this pretty easily using the meta doctor (search this site), I am a webOS dev and I have 2 pres without contracts, I use them on wifi and have free optimum wifi all over NY, the phonr is great as a mobile media/camera/gamer/ and most of all email client.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    So if you circumvent the first use app, how will you get access to the App catalog? I had read on this site that people who use their Pre like you cannot get access to the App catalog. How will it determine if you can access the Canadian or US App catalog too?
    I have already searched this site many times, but it's kinda hard to follow the discussions. Oh, and I am really waiting for a GSM Pre Plus (or C40).
    Thanks again!
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    Meta Doctor is what is used to bypass the First Use app. It has an option to unhide the First use app also. Bypassing it will get you into the phone. Then you can turn on wifi, run the First Use app, and create/signin to a profile. You will then have access to the App Catalog and other profile-required apps.

    I'm not too familiar with Canadian service providers. In the US though, you are required to have a data plan in order to have a Pre/Pixi on a line.

    WebOS is heavily dependent on having a data connection at all times. Without it, you can't really do much besides call and text. Using wifi works great, but will you constantly be connected to it wherever you go?
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    I know certain people are using iPhones without data plans here, so I figure it might be possible to do the same with a Pre.
    Looks like a Palm device might be even simpler to manage than an iPhone. That's good to know.
    I will look into the webOS doctor application. I understand there is no Mac version, so I'll just use a virtual machine.
    Thanks again a million times.

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