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    1. Screen lock works 90% of the time. When I wake the screen sometimes there is no lock present. Other times I press power the screen goes blank. I want 10mins or so and the screen lock isn't there. Another issue is the screen lock will appear on the active screen. Weird
    2. The alarm. I press dismiss but every now and then the alarm would go off 10mins later. It's almost like the dismiss and snooze are getting mixed.
    3. Screen won't wake up. Nothing happens then all of a sudden the keyboard would blink and then the phone would restart.
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    sounds like you are in need of the services provided by the webos doctor... and lay off the patches and themes
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    yea I agree
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    My Verizon Pre+ did most of #1 out of the box. I ASSumed that it was because I was using the PIN lock on it, whereas my Sprint Pre is unlocked. Hopefully, WebOS 1.4.1.x will fix it when it finally arrives on Verizon.....
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    Funny, my list would be 1) my mom, 2) my wife, 3) my 16 yr old daughter.

    But with your list....

    1) Never seen that issue at all

    2) Never seen this happen with the alarm, do you have the patch to separate the two buttons? When they were not separated I always found myself hitting snooze instead of dismiss and vice-versa.

    3) Yep, see this one several times a week. Click the power button to fire up the screen and nothing happens, again, again, again, all of a sudden you see the nice glowing "Palm" indicating a Luna Restart is occurring... Don't know the cause, but it doesn't kill me.
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    I noticed that if you press the power button and dont get any response, you can wait about 30 seconds and the screen will power on like it's supposed to. If you keep hammering the power button w/o waiting, Luna restarts.

    I agree its not supposed to do this and can be annoying at times, but for now just waiting 30-60 seconds for the lock screen to appear is the best option.
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    1) Nope

    2) Never, have used it every day now for over 10 months

    3) Had and issue with this after 1.4 but was fixed with (Sprint)

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