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    I will start off to say that I had a Moto Celll that did the same about 6 years ago:
    If I have the Pre Palm Plus to the side of my face (Using it as a Cell Phone) for more than 10 seconds I end up with a minor burning sensation to my ear and also down on the cheek at the microphone end.
    Longer than 10 seconds and it is more than minor!
    Since this was so familiar, but forgotten I realized what was going on after a few days.
    On the Moto Id didn't figure it out until I had a nice blister on my ear!
    I have had several other Cells that didn't do this so I don't think I'm all that sensitive.
    The Pre itself doesn't fell all that hot - but it could be like freezing a frog??? (c:
    Anyone else with this??

    (I Love my P3, but having a hard time using it as a phone!)
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    I can honestly say this is the first time i have ever heard of that problem.
    Good luck figuring it out. Maybe you should get a bluetooth or something to that extent
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    when my phone gets a little warm its always on the backside. not the side against my ear... you must have sensitive skin
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    Same here - it is hottest on the backside - Especially when using it as a WiFi HotSpot (Is that why it's called a HotSpot ;-)
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    Different chips are located in different areas such as behind screen or under the keyboard. You phone will heat differently depending on your usage.
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    when I'm on a call for about phone gets hot and I have to put it on speaker because it starts to hurt my face.
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    Try installing the "temp in device menu" patch (or whatever it's called). Check the temp next time this happens. If it's not insanely hot... I've not seen mine higher than 45C, which is warm to the touch, but not enough to burn... then I'd say that yes, you have sensitive skin.

    Get a bluetooth headset, or even a wired one, if you're price conscious.

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