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    I am pretty comfortable with my palm pre , and yet i know a lot of people are not, which is understandable, so i took the liberty of calling sprint last night and asked a lot of hypotheticals. I talked to a very nice lady, about how i loved my pre, and how with flash (When it makes its way here) Will be icing on the cake for me. I than proceeded with my hypotheticals. I asked, due to the ???? of palm being sold, and such, if people who had been loyal with palm since day one, if they were interested in another phone (such as the EVO) what they would need to do if they wanted to upgrade. She mentioned to me since I purchased the pre in july 2009 that if i left now id have to cancel my account and re open it.... which would cost 200 but that every 6 months prior to your 2 yr end of contact mark... 40 dollars would be deducted from your cancelation fee... so if i was to quit now... if pay 140 than 6 months from now in sept it woul be 100 and so forth... just something to let those wanting out of their pre contract to know.
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    You do know that with sprint you can upgrade every year right?
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    well yes richard .. i must have left that out i am aware after a year i get a certain amount for an upgrade, she mentioned 75 off and if 150 at the end of my two yr but when ur 2 yr is over u get a lot more discounts for the phone... ex my pre at best buy was 800 when it first debuted, a new 2 yr pushed it down to like 300 and my 150 i only ended up paying 150 for my phone with a 2 yr. but u already knew that sir but thank you for reminding me
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    you are aware you get the full upgrade discount after 1 year on the main line right?
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    Your rep sounds like she was confused. If you bought the Pre in July and haven't been delinquent in your payments, you should be a Sprint Premier customer. This means after one year of service (that means, come this July, around when the EVO comes out) you get $150 off OR the nationally advertised price of the phone, so long as you sign another 2 year contract. So if the Evo was out for $250 with a new 2 year contract, you could get it for $250.
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    no sir i didnt i share minutes and im not the main person on the account... so that person get its after one yr?
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    sorry, i just reread my post and i kinda sounded like an punk.
    Just to clarify, with sprint you can upgrade at your year mark for the upgrade price of a phone + $75. If you wait the full 2 years then you just pay the upgrade price and not the extra $75
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    The way I understand it is as a premier customer you get the normal $150 credit every 12 months. I spoke with sprint last week and they confirmed that since I purchased my pre in middle June I would be eligible for the discount June 1, 2010. From what she told me they always credit at the start of the month of your eligibility.
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    u did not sound like a punk richard i prob don't know exactly what i was trying to say but you guys are helping me try to clarify what i ment to say so thank you.
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    Yeah, the main person gets the discount I believe. But they could get the discount phone and give the phone to you to activate on your line, not sure how your account holder would feel about that.
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    shes my mother malpha... but her phones kinda in bad shape so i will have to mention it to her that she can get a new phone.. she deserves it.

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