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    Hey everyone, i have a situation with my pre. For some odd reason the power button stopped working as well as the volume buttons on the side. The phone doesnt power on with the power button the only way i can get it powered on is by using the charger. The volume buttons don't work period, they were working fine and all of a sudden it just stopped working. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any solutions?
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    Sounds like a hardware problem that makes you eligible for a replacement. There have been reports of people solving similar worries with a webOS doctoring - an unresponsive touchscreen, for example, can often be a result of some software snafu and can most of the time be cured in this fashion.

    I'm not sure about unresponsive hardware buttons at all, but running the good doctor can simply not hurt you - just make sure to copy all of your unsynced data to your computer (photo roll, any videos or music you might have and don't want to lose).
    If you doctor your device and your button presses still won't register, carry your Pre to your unfriendly carrier store to get a warranty replacement.
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    I had to return my Palm for a repair (all done in a week - via O2 in GB) when the top button stopped working. Vol buttons no probs.
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    This is a known defect with the pre. I just had my replace yesterday due to the same problem and got a brand new pre. This is fully cover by the standard warranty that comes with the pre.
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    It happened about 6 months ago, and I took it into the sprint store and they fixed it. It just happened to me again today. I called sprint up and they are sending out a replacement. Cheers.
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    My power button just stopped working today. (I push it and don't feel the click). My volume buttons are fine.

    I've got a couple questions maybe you can help me with. I've had my phone for about 9 months.

    1) How do I go about creating a claim
    2) Do you think my scratched screen would disqualify me?

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