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    i experience the very same thing: at first you use the physical button, the gestures seem only a cool "alternative" way of implementing odd things like "back" (one could have told me its the "back-area").

    then as you grow up with the phone the different gestures (unfortunately there are a lot more than are documented i believe) become more natural und you start using them more and more.

    then you end up wondering why you have the button at all. pressing it now seems to me an unneccessary physical stress for me and the device. so the evolution away from the button for me is very understood and suitable.

    i think it can and will be extended to supply a lot more functions in future. rolling back to physical buttons again would cut you from that.

    same with using the sceen for gestures. that will limit future possibilities of ui interaction: i think it would also bring hassel to the event routing logic of luna and apps and the card view.

    a screen that is "partially" a gesture area or "sometimes" or both is a lot more complicated both to learn for a novice and to use for myself i am sure. at least when these little ui lags put up the question if it already is one or still the other.

    i think gestures is one of palms very identites and there is the danger of keeping up such things even when you shouldnt but palm should.

    the learn curve is low and as already poted by others joyful

    if it has no gesture area its not webos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    Who said anything about a home button?

    (Besides, if you have an original Palm Pre then you already have a "home" button.)
    First let me say thanks for the work on the 800 patch, is gives us a preview of how awesome this thing is going to be when we get one of those new processors, and yes I will buy you a drink coming up. I always try to donate to the devs, kinda hard to keep track.

    But, yes I do have an original pre and I disagree that the button is an home button, all it does is takes you in and out of card view. It was just a mistake.

    I get what you are saying about newbies, every time someone holds my phone the first thing they do is press that stupid button expecting to get an home screen. I think the real problem is Palm should not have put out something this unfamiliar without proper training and visual aids.

    I was in radio shack and I guy was asking the sales person how to turn it on and she said slide it open. I had to show the guy the power button.

    I think what they could have done is have some kinda color brochure behind the display that shows potential customers what to do and they would be hooked, maybe.

    I would be personally very disappointed if they got rid of the gesture area. It is fun and an integral part of the experience along with the OS.

    As far as screen size, just make it a slightly bigger but thinner phone.
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    some things that make something unique are just that.. that's what makes this phone different.. kinda like the front end of a Bentley or the doors that slide up on a lambo, they make it different... it only takes someone about 20 seconds to learn to use this phone.
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    naw I like the gesture area, and besides I think its part of the webOS staple now so palm is keepin it anyway (but who knows)

    once I explain what the gesture area is to my friends, they all take to it easily and think its pretty cool. Not once did someone comment that its cumbersome.

    as far as apple prodcuts, they're not necessarily intuitive, jus dead simple. Who wouldn't be able to use an iphone when there's only one physical button to press?

    the gesture area is a unique function and feature for webOS, and I enjoy it so I say keep it around
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    Keep the gesture area. Physical buttons take more effort to press and Palm's track record with physical buttons (power button failures) isn't that great. Imagine a "back" physical button that would have a duty cycle 5x or more of that of the power button. Sure it would be covered under insurance, but an inconvienence nonetheless.

    I like how the phone navigates now. I can do everything (even text) with one hand all using my thumb and I can do it equally well with either hand. It really is an advancement in touchscreen technology. Going from swiping cards around, almost effortlessly touching the screen and then having to press a hard button for Back, just seems archaic to me now.

    The only way for Palm to survive is to provide something new and different for a niche. Pre isn't for everyone and wasn't designed to be such. If Palm created a "me too" device they wouldn't have survived as long as they have.
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    Thanks for your input everyone - I think it's useful to have these discussions and Palm can definitely read this thread and come away with the knowledge that their design is successful and popular

    I think with all of your input this thread is a great pointer to Palm and hopefully we will see our gesture area in future devices
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    No way! Keep the gesture area!
    That's one of the features that make the phone to stand out from the crowd.
    I find the gesture area very appealing to use. Buttons would be so, so painfully mundane.
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    The gesture area should stay. I would also love to have the touch area to expand beyond the screen in all direction (not just in the gesture area) this would enhance game controls and scolling and make things more consistent... For example, when swipping down to scroll, the gesture continues when your finger reach the gesture area. But when swipping up, the gesture ends at the display edge.

    extending the touch area would enhance the touchability of the device and could also open the door for some new advanced gestures.

    it would also be nice to allow developer to define new gestures and allow more than just two finger multitouch gestures.
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    Keep the gesture, out of all my previous pda/smartphones. I love this feature and hope they continue to improve on it and webOS.

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    Did we also forget that we use the area to activate the copy, cut, and paste options? IMO it the gesture area works seamlessly and one reason I love webos so. I can quickly switch apps with one hand and not even paying attention to my phone and with one movement versus other method. and I hate hardware buttons, i can tolerate the orb on the pre because it works for the design, but i hate them otherwise its also one more crevice i have to keep clean on my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlee2001 View Post
    My wife is (was) the lease tech savvy human on earth, yet she is able to use the Pre effectively. She is now Texting, replying to e-mails, taking and sharing pics, etc. ALL are things she and i would have said "NO WAY she gets that!" just a year ago.

    She took to the phone quickly and learned how to use it in amazingly short time.

    No matter what the process, all first-time users will have to take a moment to learn the nuances of any device.

    I like it as is. I would like it as you describe. I see neither as a problem.
    My wife also is not tech savvy in fact she never wanted a smart phone, but I got her the pixi and she love it, she does things on without having to get an instruction book to figure it out.

    She now would not give up her smart phone.
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    I like the gesture area. Makes our phones sort of unique and it's also used for shortcuts. I use the gesture area more than I use any physical button.
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    I'd like a bigger screen and no gesture area.
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    I really like the gesture area and would miss it if it were gone. I believe it's very clever and one of the best, most innovative features on the phone.
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    Why why oh why .
    What is wrong with you people .
    hey do you find yourself, using the back gesture on other devices such as the ITOUCH lol.. it happens to me all the time.
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    Physical buttons wear out. The gesture area won't.

    Gesture area FTW!
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    I agree with most people here: Keep the gesture area!

    I showed off my pre to one of my iPhone ****** friends and he was thoroughly impressed by the gesture area. He was pretty impressed with how intuitive webOS is, and it took him about 15 seconds after I showed him gestures and he was using the Pre like he had owned it for a year.

    I think there are TONS of features that webOS has that set it ahead of the other mobile operating systems, and gestures is one of them.

    Edit: Why does this forum blank out the word f a n b o y?
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